10 Fascinating Tree Bookshelf Arrangements

10 Fascinating Tree Bookshelf Arrangements

Some of us like pretty little things, and some creative people like to go beyond ordinary. The tree bookshelf has been popular these days. It is unknown who had the idea first, but it’s truly interesting to have one in your home, where you can store it with your book collection, children’s toys and other things worth showing off. Tree bookshelves are not exclusively for kids, adults can have it too. Here are 10 FascinatingTree Bookshelf Arrangements that we have collected for your inspiration.

10 FascinatingTree Bookshelf Arrangements:


1. Tree bookshelf with floating shelves

tree bookshelf 1

Originally posted by Idelle Tall



2. Painted tree and floating shelves as branches

tree bookshelf brown

Originally posted by Cat Palmer



3. Tree bookshelf with 5 bookends

tree bookshelf cute

Originally posted by origami dreamer


4. All green tree bookshelf

tree bookshelf for kids' room

Originally posted by Handmade Charlotte



5. Toy/bookshelf

tree bookshelf for nursery

Originally posted by Suzanne Watkins


6. Branch tree bookshelf perfect for the bedroom.

tree bookshelf in bedroom

Originally posted by Hilary Buntrock


7. Blue tree bookshelf

tree bookshelf in blue

Originally posted by Jodi Kempfert


8. Rugged tree bookshelf

tree bookshelf large

Originally posted by María Red


9. Corner tree bookshelf

tree bookshelf on the corner

Originally posted by Melodie Gwinn

10. White tree bookshelf

tree bookshelf in white



Tree bookshelves are truly amazing. They are fun, creative and are perfect for your children’s room. The tree bookshelf is also perfect for your master’s bedroom as you can see in number 6, or outside as a unique timber project! Depending what style or color your tree bookshelves are, they definitely liven up the room and are very attractive. You can use tree bookshelf as a toy shelf, bookshelf and you can place anything as long as it won’t easily fall and break.

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