10 Biggest Storage Boxes Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

10 Biggest Storage Boxes Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

If you are trying to get organized but are still mired in a mess, then you need to rethink about the de-cluttering mistakes as well as the storage boxes that you are using. When people decide to organize their Pantry, closet, kitchen or office, they often jump into this project without even thinking or planning about how to go about it.  You need to look at the 10 biggest storage mistakes given here and avoid them in order to ensure that you accomplish what you want.

Think about the space you have. storage boxes

Are your storage boxes actually going to fit into the space that you plan? Think where you would be keeping these boxes. Take the exact measurements before buying these boxes. They should not be too big or too small for the space. If they are too big, they would simply not fit. If they are too small, then the whole purpose of these boxes gets defeated. Also, look at the amount of space you wish to devote to these boxes. After all, you would not like your complete kitchen to be nothing else but just a collection of storage boxes!

Here are some useful tips you can use as a guideline in keeping your files tidy and organize

10. Not knowing who will be using these storage boxes.

Are you trying to buy these for your kids or adults? Children need easy-to-open boxes, while adults may require some that may even have a lock on them. While kids may prefer colorful and transparent storage spaces, it may be just the opposite case with adults. They may not be like others to be able to view what is inside these boxes, while kids may like to go for lightweight items, adults may prefer heavy duty, expensive storage boxes that may last them for years to come.

9. Letting things spread.

Once you have large, open spaces such as these boxes, people tend to toss stuffs in. This eventually spreads out and may turn into a pile of mixed-up junk slowly. You will have to sort through a lot of stuff in order to find exactly what you are looking for. Basically, no boundaries make things wander away. Thus, you need to divide up big spaces. This way, you would put all the loose items, such as your office supplies, seasoning packets, pins and coins in small containers or in the sectioned organizers. This way, they will not merge together or run free inside the storage container.

8. Using different kinds of storage boxes for different purposes.

Stacking plastic drawers should be kept under the sink or inside your Pantry. You must put dividers in boxes in order to separate bedsheets, towels; pillowslips, cushion covers and other items. Make use of small zip lock bags in order to keep buttons, coupons, coins, pins and small toys.

7. Storing your boxes out of reach.

There are times when people tend to store these boxes at a place which is too hard to reach making it very demanding to either retrieve an item or even putting it away. So your favourite baseball cap may be away on a high shelf, too far for you to reach out to.This way, the things would just stay out, and that is not the purpose of using these boxes. Decide what you would be really needing handy. Put these high-use items in storage spots that are easily accessible without the need for bending or stretching, such as your top drawers or shelves. All those items that you use often must be put on top or in front of items that are less frequently used. You must place small items with their labels facing out. These must be placed in front of the larger ones. The items that you use infrequently can be put in fewer accessible places. So you can put your old tax records in the back of your boxes.

6. Stacking up.

This is a frequent mistake which people make, especially while piling up papers. They tend to stack up papers just like a deck of cards. So in order to find one, you would have to shuffle through all of them. Even laying clothes flat one on top of another in a storage box will make you spoil the whole pile in order to find what you are looking for. Hence it is better to store things vertically. You can lay clothes and papers on surfaces, and then stand them in rows so that you can easily see what you have and are able to remove only what you need, and not ruffle the whole pile.

5. Uncategorised stuff.

When you come in to the house with the mail, you tend to keep it on the nearest table. On the other hand, you need to toss the junk into a box that you would take for shredding later on. File what you need. Put magazines in the rack near your reading spot. This will reduce clutter, lessen your work, keep your home tidy and make proper use of your storage boxes.

4. Filling your containers too full.

You may be tempted to conserve space and hence put all your stuff into one box or all your cooking utensils into another.However, once you have packed too tightly; you would not be able to see everything you have.Conversely, you may not be capable to retrieve what you need as you simply are not able to get to it. Alternatively, else, you may not be able to close your containers as they are overstuffed. In addition, you are harming your boxes too.

3. Having a small space for a storage boxes breathing room.

Choose containers and boxes that are spacious enough to store all the items that are required to go inside. In case a collection outgrows its container, do some weeding, or you may even find a larger container.

2. Not keeping similar containers together.

This means that all the boxes of dolls, guns, blocks and toys must be in one room. You can even label all these containers and then store them together. Do not waste perfectly good storage. In case you are thinking that a bigger storage box will end your storage shortage, you need to think again. You may be having space that you are not using.

1. Utilize dead space.

There is space over your top shelves in closets and pantries. This is where you need to keep your storage boxes. You can keep shallow boxes on shelves in order to keep flat items, such as place-mats or your best scrapbooks there.

Do not buy more than you need. Basically you need to keep only that what you need. This way your storage boxes will not overflow. Use the above tips in order to be more organized.

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