12 Stylish Ideas For Your Radiator Shelves

12 Stylish Ideas For Your Radiator Shelves

Radiators are very important to every home, especially if you live in cold areas. A cast iron home radiator may not look very pleasing and takes a little space in your house, so some creative minds have decided to cover it up and make it useful at the same time by putting a shelf over it. We have gathered some photos of 12 Stylish Ideas For Your Radiator Shelves that you can apply in your home as well.


Here are 12 Stylish Ideas For Your Radiator Shelves:


1. Hallway radiator with picture shelves

radiator cover and shelf

Originally posted by Girls Like



2. Cover radiator in kids’ room with round ventilation and nice things on the shelf

radiator shelves and cabinet

Originally posted by Annika Polozoff


3. Simple things that matches the wall and the radiator shelf

radiator shelves and cabinets

Originally posted by Erin Walsh



4. Nice radiator cover and some collectible teapots on top

radiator shelves and mirror

Originally posted by Monika James



5. Transform your radiator into book shelf and add some beautiful things

radiator shelves book nook

Originally posted by Lana Winter



6. Install cover  and add some nice candles and flower pot on the top

radiator shelves contemporary design

Originally posted by Twist Interiors Ltd



7. Covered radiator and beautiful shelves on the top

radiator shelves for powder room

Originally posted by Lynn Marx



8. Silver painted radiator with grey shelf and flower pots on top

radiator shelves in winter

Originally posted by Allison Fode



9. Stone shelf on the radiator

radiator shelves stone shelf

Originally posted by Donna Schmidt



10. Decorate your radiator shelves with flower pots and candles

radiator shelves studio radiator

Originally posted by imogen bliss



11. Beautiful picture frames on the top

radiator shelves turned photo shelf

Originally posted by Callie Channing



12. All white except the dark shelf. Looks very simple yet sophisticated.

radiator shelves white

Originally posted by Lux Zuchetto


With these radiator shelf ideas, you don’t have to dread seeing your radiator anymore. All you need to do is add beautiful things such as: candles, flowers, picture frames, collectibles, and other nice things on your radiator shelves, then you can transform them from ugly to something attractive and pleasant to your eyes. You can also put nice cover to camouflage it. It is very simple and easy to do.

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