15 Microwave Shelf Suggestions

15 Microwave Shelf Suggestions

The microwave ovens are one of the kitchen’s most essential appliances. Almost every home has a microwave oven, simply because it quickly cooks/recook and heat food. A lot of food sold in the market are just microwavable and no need to turn on your stove to cook. It simply lets the machine do the cooking by itself. The microwave oven has been very popular starting 1970s up to this day.  Since we put microwave ovens at the kitchen, most people put them on a shelf, others build built in/customized microwave shelf.

To have an idea, we give you 15 Microwave Shelf Suggestions.


1. Microwave shelf/cabinet

microwave cabinet

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2. Microwave shelf below kitchen TV shelf

microwave shelf  at corner below tv shelf

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3. Microwave shelf beside the fridge

microwave shelf 1

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4. Microwave shelf and kitchen cabinets

microwave shelf 2

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5. Built in microwave shelf

microwave shelf 3

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6. Beside kitchen cabinets

microwave shelf 4

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7. Microwave shelf with cover

microwave shelf 5

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8. Microwave and cook book shelf

microwave shelf 6

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9. Concealed microwave

microwave shelf concealed

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10. Microwave shelf and cabinet

microwave shelf in swinout shelf

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11. Microwave shelf at the counter with cover

microwave shelf on counter

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12. Microwave shelf right above the stove

microwave shelf on top of the stove

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13. Open shelf is not a bad idea too

microwave shelf open shelf

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14. Microwave shelf beside yellow cabinets, should’ve painted it with same color too.

microwave shelf painted yellow

Originally posted by Hayley Storer



15. Microwave Oven Shelf Bracket

Microwave Oven Shelf Bracket

Originally posted by Rebecca Harris


A microwave shelf is a good idea for microwave storage. Built-in microwave shelves are quite common because it has a permanent designated area for your microwave. It also makes your kitchen look better without your appliances scattered around, but with those who have limited space, an open shelf is not a bad idea as well, as you can see in number 13.  You can put them under the counters too, but that would require you to bend low.

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