16 Radiator Shelf Hacks to Improve your Décor

16 Radiator Shelf Hacks to Improve your Décor

Radiators are one thing we can’t live without at home, but some people don’t find radiators pleasing to the eyes and would rather cover them up or tweak its design. If you think your radiator would ruin your home décor, don’t worry, we’re gonna show you some 16 Radiator Shelf Hacks to Improve your Décor. These tips are not just going to help you improve your home décor, we also provided how to make radiator shelf hacks more useful for you than just being a cover.


16 Radiator Shelf Hacks to Improve your Décor:


1. Bench with radiator underneath

radiator shelf bench

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The radiator seems barely there.


2. Radiator turned to bookshelf

radiator shelf cabinet bookcase

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3. Customized radiator cover and a shelf on top

radiator shelf customized

Originally posted by Wendy Manwarren



4. French cabinet radiator shelf.

radiator shelf french style cabinet

Originally posted by Jane the Pirate



5. A simple yet bright and funky cover for the radiator will turn it from boring to fun.

radiator shelf funky design

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6. Radiator cover artistically designed and turned to a piece of art.

radiator shelf kick ass

Originally posted by Ronald Diehl



7. Radiator casing. This oriental design will simply liven up the room.

radiator shelf otiental design

Originally posted by Chiara Scirea


8. Window seat with radiator underneath

radiator shelf pax system

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9. Turn the nursery more fun by getting this sailboat design radiator cover.

radiator shelf sailboat

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10. Radiator shelf turned to desk.

radiator shelf table

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11. Radiator cover turned to working desk.

radiator shelf to working desk

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12. Radiator cover turned to dining room buffet

radiator shelf turned into buffet

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13. Window desk radiator shelf

radiator shelf window desk

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14. Radiator bench or bedside table

radiator shelf bench and bedside table

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15. Radiator cover dresser

radiator shelf dresser

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16. Bathroom radiator turned to vanity

radiator shelf to built in vanity

Originally posted by Morgan Mains

These radiator hacks can transform your radiators to cabinets, desks, bookshelf and even benches. Now that you have an idea, go ahead and transform your radiators to a piece of art. These 16 hacks are easy to make. You can simply paint the covers and design it with brightly colored object or turn a simple radiator to a bookshelf or desk.

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