18 Ways To Improve Shoe Storage

18 Ways To Improve Shoe Storage

Having shoe storage problems? I used to have the same issue too. Being a shoe-lover and hoarder myself, I used to have problems where to put all my stuff and how to organize them. I get so stressed out finding a specific pair of pumps in a mountain pile of shoes when I need it. To solve all that, I decided to organize my stuff where I can easily find them and store them easily.  Let me share to you 18 Ways to Improve Shoe Storage so you can live a stress free life and avoid the hassle of finding them.


18 Ways to Improve Shoe Storage:


1. Transparent textile shoe storage for those with very limited space

shoe storage - transparent textile

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2. Shoe storage at the bottom of your closet

shoe storage at the bottom of walk in closet

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3. To keep your shoes in excellent condition, store them in a uniformed box with their pictures so you won’t find it hard to look for them.

shoe storage box with pictures

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4. You can buy a nice shoe storage cabinet by the door for your everyday footwear.

shoe storage cabinet 2

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5. Shoe storage cabinet

shoe storage cabinet

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6. Recycle crates and turn them into shoe storage. It is creative and practical. You can paint them if you like.

shoe storage crate

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7. Small cube shoe storage for more room

shoe storage cube

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8. Never enough space? Attach shoe rack to closet door.

Originally posted by Chanda Lubbehusen

Originally posted by Chanda Lubbehusen

9. A walk-in bag and shoe closet. Every girl’s dream!

shoe storage every girls dream

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10. Shoe drawer

shoe storage for me

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11. Glass drawers for shoe storage is Awesome!

shoe storage glass drawer

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12. If you wear a lot of flats and flipflops, transform your hangers to shoe hangers.

shoe storage hangers

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13. Turn your bench into shoe storage.

shoe storage in a bench

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14. Turn those PVC pipes to shoe storage. You can be creative enough by painting them first with cool colors and stick them together and make a nice form.

shoe storage PVC pipes

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15. A brilliant idea of turning stairs into shoe drawers

shoe storage use the stairs

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16. If you have more space you can have a walk in shoe closet.

shoe storage walk in shoe closet

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17. You can add something like this at the top part of the wall of your closet for your high heels. Saves much space too!

shoe storage wall

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18. Install floating shelves on a blank wall

shoe storage along blank wall

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You see? Too many shoes is never a problem as long as you have proper storage where you can easily see them. Most of our tips are practical and affordable. Some materials might already be in your house. You can recycle some stuff like crates, PVC pipes and etc. Just be creative enough to piece them together and make something fun. For those with limited spaces, you can always purchase those affordable transparent textiles and hang them on your closet. If you have so much spare space, you can create your own walk in shoe closet which I’m sure is every girl’s dream.

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