20 Storage Containers Hacks

20 Storage Containers Hacks

Sometimes we have too much pile of stuffs and we don’t know what to do with them. Storage containers for example, after their initial use, we throw them away, or stock them until our house is full of rubbish. It doesn’t have to be that way, we can always recycle them and make them even more useful than before. We give you 20 Storage Containers Hacks that you may apply at home. They are very easy to do.


20 Storage Containers Hacks:


1. Paint cans to art  pencil containers

stoarge containers from paint to pencil container

Originally posted by Lucy (Craftberry Bush)



2. From snack bins turned to small objects storage containers



3. Bird feeder

storage container to bird feeder

Originally posted by Rita DePrince



4. Old cheeseball container turned to gift pack

Originally posted by  Shari R

Originally posted by Shari R

5. Old plastic storage containers turned to light totems

storage container to light totems

Originally posted by Free Range



6. Plastic storage containers transformed into crafting supplies organizer

storage containers recycled as craft containers

Originally posted by Jessica Greene


7. Plastic storage container turned into small trash bin for cars

storage container turned to trash can

Originally posted by Tyler & Ashlee’s Mommy



8. Boxes recycled turned to city lights as home decor.

storage containers city lights

Originally posted by Claire isaG.



9. Crates turned to shoe shelves

storage containers crates to shoe shelves

Originally posted by Leonie Brummer



10. Ice cream containers turned to book container

storage containers to book container

Originally posted by Carmen Duncan



11. Old bottle containers turned into colorful light bottles

storage containers to bright lights

Originally posted by Glenn Rudmann



12. Hanging wall planters

storage containers to hanging wall planters

Originally posted by Sarah E



13. Old plastic cups to plant palette.

storage containers to pallet

Originally posted by lona Nowak-Nagy



14. Plastic storage containers turned to colored pencil organizer.

storage containers to pencil containers

Originally posted by Malena LeBrun



15. Plastic storage containers turned to colorful animal coat hangers

storage containers to plastic animal heads

Originally posted by Holly Davidson



16. Santa gift bags from an ordinary ice cream container

storage containers to santa

Originally posted by rebecca harrison



17. Ordinary box turned to towel storage container

storage containers towel rack

Originally posted by Kay-Leigh Vermeulen



18. From an old box to a jewelry display

storage container to jewelry display

Originally posted by Isa Reyes

19. Old storage container transformed into an aquarium

storage container turned to ocean container

Originally posted by jennybee

20. Milk containers to brush storage containers

storage containers to brush container

Originally posted by marisa jorba

There are so many things you can transform an old storage container into. All you need are creativity and imagination. Old stuff are good to recycle and very practical. There’s no need to buy new storages and organizers when you can make one yourself. It is fun and exciting transforming something from one thing to another. The best thing about it is you don’t have to spend another amount when you need to store something. Storage is very important to keep your things in good condition and organized.