22 Dazzling Narrow Bookcase Concept

22 Dazzling Narrow Bookcase Concept

Not all of us have enough spaces at home for storage. Sometimes we do have extra space and don’t know what to do with it. Here’s when a narrow bookcase comes in. Narrow bookcases are perfect for people with smaller spaces at home or in the office. It can still accommodate small things and some books.

We have come up with a list of 22 Dazzling Narrow Bookcase Concept to help you decide which book case goes into your room.

22 Dazzling Narrow Bookcase Concept:


1. Threshold™ Carson Narrow 5 Shelf Bookcase – Chestnut

narrow bookcase - espresso

Originally posted by Sarah Wilczak



2. Lancaster 5 Shelf Narrow Bookcase in White

narrow bookcase 5 shelf white

Originally posted by Nicole Longo



3. Capri Narrow Bookcase

narrow bookcase capri

Originally posted by Isabella Velicogna


4. Threshold™ Carson Narrow 5 Shelf Bookcase – Chestnut

narrow bookcase chestnut

Originally posted by Andrea Morris


5. Cottage Tall Narrow Bookcase with Two Drawers in Avocado

narrow bookcase cottage tall in avocado

Originally posted by tgoodnight



6. Country Mahogany Narrow Bookcase

narrow bookcase country mahogany

Originally posted by Jayn Pretty



7. Sky blue narrow bookcase

narrow bookcase dky blue

Originally posted by Ashley Hayden Cormier



8. A lovely narrow bookcase

narrow bookcase gold

Originally posted by Lois Chambers Hunt



9. Harbor narrow bookcase

narrow bookcase harbor

Originally posted by Bondalou



10. Cleo black narrow bookcase

narrow bookcase in cleo black

Originally posted by Jeremy Stanley



11. Rouge Narrow Bookcase

narrow bookcase in rouge

Originally posted by Greg G



12. Louisiane Narrow Bookcase from Grange

Narrow Bookcase Louisiane from Grange

Originally posted by HomePortfolio



13. Lunenburg Narrow Bookcase

narrow bookcase lunenberg

Originally posted by Michelle Hawkins



14. Max Large Narrow Bookcase

narrow bookcase max large

Originally posted by Dana Hawkins



15. Noosa Medium Narrow Bookcase

narrow bookcase noosa medium

Originally posted by Melissa Bakewell



16. Osuna tall narrow bookcase

narrow bookcase osuna

Originally posted by Hendri Pemenang



17. Reclaimed oak tall narrow bookcase with drawer features

narrow bookcase reclaimed oak

Originally posted by The Wooden Furniture Store



18. Whitehaven painted tall narrow bookcase

narrow bookcase whitehaven tall

Originally posted by RandellynBCrafty



19. Carson Narrow Bookcase with Storage in White

narrow bookcase with storage in white

Originally posted by Nicole Fogarty


20.  Dana Narrow Bookcase

narrow bookcase Dana

Originally posted by Theresa Marszal


21. Lunenburg Narrow Bookcase

narrow bookcase Lunenberg

Originally posted by Leslie Gregory


22. 63″ Mission Black Narrow Bookcase

narrow bookcase mission black

Originally posted by Jessica Wynn


The narrow bookcase is also versatile and can be used as many things: a bookshelf, to display ornaments, picture frames and etc. Its narrow design is perfect for those who have small spaces, or as an additional furniture to an empty space. It is usually made of wood such as chestnut and oak. Wooden narrow bookcase are better looking and lasts longer to hold your books and other stuff.

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