25 Inspiring Cube Shelves

25 Inspiring Cube Shelves

Shelves are very useful storage for us, they not only keep things organized, they also make a room look more beautiful. Shelves come in many designs and one of the most popular design is the cube shelves. Cube shelves can be used to store different things like shoes, crafting supplies, office supplies, ornaments, picture frames, collectibles, books and etc.

If you don’t have one yet, we give you 25 Inspiring Cube Shelves to get inspiration from.

25 Inspiring Cube Shelves:


1. Alphabetized cube shelves

cube shelves alphabetized

Originally posted by Robba12



2. Cube shelf/ Table set.

cube shelves and table set

Originally posted by Teri {Piccolina}



3. Diagonal cube shelves

cube shelves as bookshelf

Originally posted by Annemarie



4. Office cube shelves

cube shelves as office organizer

Originally posted by Georgina Forrest



5. Cube shelves for small collectibles

cube shelves for collections

Originally posted by Nadine Petschauer



6. Cube shelves for crafting materials

cube shelves for craft room

Originally posted by Milissa Regnier



7. Boast your china and antique dishes using a cube shelf

cube shelves for dish collections

Originally posted by Jennifer Goltche



8. Cube shelf to house individual picture frames

cube shelves for individual frames

Originally posted by Liz Turner



9. Simple white cube shelves

cube shelves painted white

Originally posted by SPR


10. Cube shoe shelf

cube shelves for shoes

Originally posted by Hillcroft Joiners Manchester



11. Cube shelves for children’s toys

cube shelves for toys

Originally posted by The80sme



12. Cube shelves from IKEA. Have it horizontal or vertical, works both ways.

cube shelves from IKEA

Originally posted by Virginia Bussell



13. Cube shelves as substitute for headboards

cube shelves headboard

Originally posted by Jenifer Svehlak



14. Imeuble by BY corp.

cube shelves imeuble

Originally posted by William Geandarme



15. 3 Black cube shelve

cube shelves in black

Originally posted by Eva Roberts



16. Candy colored cubes

cube shelves in candy colors

Originally posted by Darcee Maloney



17. Modular Cube Shelving

cube shelves modular

Originally posted by Lorraine



18. A crib/cube shelves, great idea!

cube shelves on crib

Originally posted by Nikki Hannon



19. Cube shelves versatility

cube shelves so cool

Originally posted by Ale Muniz Anasagasti



20. Beautiful wooden cube shelves

cube shelves wood

Originally posted by Kathleen Robins



21. Cube shelves in dark color, perfect for white walls.

cube shelves

Originally posted by TATIANA PACKER


22. Wooden cube bookshelves

cube shelves dark wood

Originally posted by Connie Morse



23. 8 cube shelving unit by Alta stacked on top of each other

cube shelves for the playroom

Originally posted by Michelle Moore



24. Free form cube shelves

cube shelves free form

Originally posted by Arthini Pulenthiran



25. Fun way to display cube shelves

cube shelves fun idea

Originally posted by Vivian Maxine


Cube shelves are so popular because of its versatility. You can use them in different ways and design them in fun creative ways. They come in different sizes, materials and colors. Cube shelves may be used as room divider, picnic bench table, or simply just a storage to your books and other stuffs.

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