30 Cute Ladder Shelf Examples

30 Cute Ladder Shelf Examples

Do you have an old ladder that you no longer use? You can transform that ladder into a beautiful ladder shelf and stock them with beautiful things. There’s no need to buy expensive shelves anymore, all you need is a little creativity. It is very easy, and we give you 30 Cute Ladder Shelf Examples you can get inspiration from. You can place them in the living room, bedroom, at the kitchen and even in your bathroom to organize your stuff.

Here are 30 Cute Ladder Shelf Examples:


1. Old ladder turned to ladder shelf



2. Ladder shelf as jewelry shelf

ladder shelf as jewelry shel

Originally posted by Sharón Zoldan



3. Old ladder turned to picture frames and shelf

ladder shelf as picture frames

Originally posted by Ruth Jones



4. 3 tier ladder shelf for children’s toys

ladder shelf as toy shelf

Originally posted by little design studio



5. Bedside ladder shelf

ladder shelf at the bedside

Originally posted by Charles Bettes



6. Corner ladder shelf

ladder shelf at the corner

Originally posted by Mindy Pongpanik



7. For beach collection ladder shelf

ladder shelf beach theme

Originally posted by Kathy Campbell



8. Cool Anthropologie ladder shelf display



9. Old ladder cut in half turned to 2 ladder shelves

ladder shelf cut in half

Originally posted by Debbie Smith Casto



10. Kitchen ladder shelf for your cook books and other kitchen stuff

ladder shelf cute

Originally posted by Paula



11. Ladder Shelf decorating ideas at the Living Room

ladder shelf decorating ideas

Originally posted by Mika



12. Ladder shelf for beautiful colored bottles

ladder shelf for beautiful colored bottles

Originally posted by Miranda Hall



13. Ladder Shelf repainted white and used for scrapbook/crafting organizer

ladder shelf for crafting supplies

Originally posted by Jennifer Green



14. Not really a good idea if you have kids in the house but this ladder shelf with dishes is a creative idea.

ladder shelf for kitchen wares

Originally posted by Imke Laux



15. Old panel door turned to ladder shelf. Brilliant!

ladder shelf from old panel door

Originally posted by Meridith Blanford-Behrendt



16. Bathroom organizer ladder shelf

ladder shelf in bathroom as organizer

Originally posted by Mindy Loudermilk



17. Bathroom ladder shelf

ladder shelf in bathroom

Originally posted by Wendy Wierenga



18. Ladder shelf for your girly stuff

ladder shelf in bedroom for women's stuff

Originally posted by Kylie Miller



19. 3 Ladder shelves for more stuff to organize

ladder shelf in bedroom

Originally posted by Dina Meinzer



20. Ladder shelf at the top of the TV

ladder shelf in horizontal

Originally posted by A Wilson



21. Ladder shelf at the kitchen to store kitchen stuff

ladder shelf in kitchen

Originally posted by Anna Miller



22. Ladder shelf for toys at the nursery

ladder shelf in the nursery

Originally posted by Jen Norton



23. Ladder shelf to house your collectibles

ladder shelf reused

Originally posted by Emily Johnson



24. Simple ladder shelf

ladder shelf to bookshelf

Originally posted by Cox & Cox



25. Ladder shelf for books

ladder shelf turned book shelf

Originally posted by Fizzah Raza



26. Old ladder turned to magazine rack/towel hanger

ladder shelf turned to towel hanger

Originally posted by Katarina



27. Walnut Five Tier Ladder Shelf

ladder shelf walnut five tier ls

Originally posted by LifeStyle Fancy



28. Ladder shelf to hang objects

ladder shelf with things hanging

Originally posted by Pam Nix



29. TV in between 2 ladder shelves

ladder shelves beside the TV

Originally posted by Kerri Girouard



30. Inverted ladder shelves

ladder shelves inverted

Originally posted by Marissa Garmer


Ladder shelves are practical and brilliant idea. You can turn them to anything. From usual ladder shelf to picture frames, bookshelf and organizers. You can definitely save big time! Keeping them at their original look are repainting them is your choice, they would still look great. Some like the rustic look and some like the simple white painted ladder. Go ahead and rescue that old ladder and make it useful and beautiful.

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